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2013: Cecilia Liu After divorcing, Nicky has devoted his entire time to work and only sleeps an average of four to five hours.These recent years, Cecilia is his most collaborated female artiste. In August, both were photographed behaving intimately at the airport.transferred their romance to the lead actors Nicky Wu (Wu Qi Long) and Liu Shi Shi.I may be a Hong Shi shipper but the Long Shi fans always seemed a ship far off the shore of possibility despite how much I loved 4th Prince-Ruo Xi in the drama BBJX.After Nicky Wu’s confession of his relationship with Cecilia Liu, many have become interested in his past romances.

Director Tsui Hark also recalled of their sweet love, “I saw that they were really close and would stick together even after work.” Charlie has just married her long-time Singaporean boyfriend, Khoo Shao Tze this month.

This week came some pictures showing Nicky supposedly outside Shi Shi’s place in Shanghai, and instead of ignoring it, both went public on Weibo the exact same day.

Bear in mind a Weibo confirmation is the way to go these days, another famous couple Yang Mi and Hawick Lau did it as they took their onscreen romance in to real life and were snapped together by the paparazzi.

Nicky was also teasing Cecilia when buying an ice cream for her.

Last week, Nicky was spotted visiting Cecilia’s apartment in Shanghai at night.

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Nicky receives his award first and comes down to get Shi Shi when her name is announced. He basically orients himself around her like a protector.