Updating clob data Andhra aunty want to chat

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result); dbms_output.put_line('CLOB length: '

NET came around) so I can't say anything about which of them to use with any Oracle perspective.

I had previously used an update in a stored procedure to surpass the 4k limit but that approach didn't work when having more than 32k characters, but this complemented my solution.

NET coder and does database stuff against Oracle, this is your chance to put things right :) Keep reading and add comments please! I didn't want to introduce another library pack like the Oracle ODP.

In older Java projects I've been writing and reading CLOBS and I know you have to handle those fields a bit different than normal VARCHARs and such. NET Dynamic Help and whatever I could find on the Internet, and the funny thing is I found three different ways of doing it; 2 really simple and one not so simple.

The weird thing is that I don't think the first two options is supposed to be working - but when I test them they work just fine. To test this, I have created a simple table in Oracle, which consists of 2 fields; ID (INT) and TEXT (CLOB). I'm reading a simple text-file created with Notepad, which is 499 KB in size.

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This work area allows us to scroll through the contents and write new chunks of data.