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Good dating headlines for girls

Much of the coverage focused on the cringe-inducing spectacle of a well-to-do enclave picking on teenagers from a more working-class hamlet. In response, the mayors of Beverly and Salem—another town that had mocked the Gloucester girls in its own parade—issued a joint statement criticizing the “unauthorized activities of a few very misguided persons.” Brett Schetzsle, then a member of the Beverly Farms parade organizing committee, told the press, “The parade has been going on for 130 years, and at some point nobody thought to adjust to the fact that we live in a You Tube world now.” The members of the nonprofit committee responsible for vetting Beverly Farms’ floats were largely unapologetic. In one camp were those who viewed the parade as a bastion of privileged frat-boy humor, too crass and hateful for a family-friendly Fourth of July celebration.In the other: the pro-Horribles, fighting not just for their annual right to drunkenly craft floats bearing signs with lewd rhymes, but also to keep the nanny-staters from censoring a tradition dating back generations—one that has always celebrated satire and freedom of expression, no matter how crude, over delicate sensibilities and hurt feelings.The video went viral and network television trucks once again descended upon the North Shore.Thrust into the national spotlight in a new age of political correctness—a time when universities ban controversial speakers and . It didn’t take You Tube long to deem the parade footage sufficiently “inappropriate” to remove it, relegating it to the likes of Live Leak, an anything-goes website best known for hosting clips of terrorist beheadings and car wrecks.

Over the years, this has included everything from a Jeffrey Dahmer–spoofing float draped in butcher bones and meat to floats humiliating townspeople with known opioid problems.

Gloucester, meanwhile, was understandably less thrilled, its mayor reportedly “deeply offended.” Stirring up trouble was nothing new for the Horribles Parade, but in the past, controversies had stayed local and usually blew over quickly.

This time, however, footage made its way onto You Tube.

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magazine reported that 17 girls at the local high school had all become pregnant as part of a bizarre teenage pact.

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